Management Services:

Capital Expenses

We have distinct procedures to ensure proper funding for renovation and maintenance of our hotels. Five percent of net operating income is reserved in a Capital Expenditure account for continuous improvement of our hotels. Capital expenditure items are recommended by the hotel's General Manager and communicated to upper level management. This method allows us to meet or exceed the franchise standards for our hotels. It also ensures that each hotel is competitive in its respective market.


Each hotel has been provided with clear guidelines and a Standard Operating Procedures manual. Milkam uses efficiency tools, such as staffing checklists and regular forecasting to prepare for shifts in demand. Our procedures ensure time management, which is a large component of our operational efficiency efforts. General Managers prepare monthly progress reports for the main office. The reports include items such as sales activities, payroll expense, franchise notices, guest score reports, and updated forecasts for the month.


Milkam performs inventory of all guest room amenities, food and beverage, paper goods, and cleaning products on a weekly basis to ensure proper stock levels and efficiency of inventory. Operational items such as linens, towels, and maintenance items are inventoried monthly. The General Manager is required to perform inventory for all FF&E items annually.


Milkam currently handles all Accounts Payable and Receivable in-house. Payroll and overall accounting needs are outsourced to a local CPA. Accounts Receivable is the responsibility of each General Manager and is tracked by upper level management. As more properties are added to the Milkam portfolio, a web-based system will be added to provide easy access to financial information.


"Another flaw in the human character is that everybody wants to build and nobody wants to do maintenance." -Kurt Vonnegut-

We completely understand what Kurt Vonnegut means by the above quote. That is why we have taken extensive steps to ensure each hotel’s maintenance program is ahead of the competition. Each hotel is required to perform regular maintenance checks of guest rooms, public spaces, and employee areas. The Maintenance Engineer is required to communicate all maintenance issues to ensure they are solved in a timely manner.

Human Resources

Milkam prides itself in creating a family environment at each hotel. Milkam associates are trained frequently to ensure each employee has the knowledge to be successful at his/her job. Continued training, above-market wages, and career building opportunities are some of the competitive advantages we offer our to our employees. Performance reviews are conducted quarterly and appropriate rate increases are performed by the General Manager. Additionally, we place emphasis on horizontal training, which gives our employees exposure to all of the functions of a hotel.

Sales & Marketing

Milkam believes in strong marketing and sales efforts at all hotels. Regardless of the size of the property, all General Managers are required to perform weekly sales calls. Larger properties will have a dedicated Director of Sales whose function is dedicated to all aspects of sales and marketing for the hotel. For smaller properties, the General Manager is in charge of all sales and marketing efforts. General Managers and Director of Sales are also in charge of all RFP and citywide event bids. Each hotel is encouraged to maximize its usage of all available brand resources for sales & marketing; these can include Co-Ops, regional meetings, and additional training classes. Read More......

Construction Services:

Milkam Construction LLC is the construction division of Milkam Hospitality. We specialize in new hotel construction and renovations. With over 25 years of experience in developing hotels from ground-up, we are very enthusiastic in pursuing this new venture. For more information, please contact